Parking Zones

The Traffic Engineering Division is responsible for establishing various parking zones throughout the city.  The parking zones include restricted parking zones, commercial loading and unloading zones, metered parking, and residential permit parking.



When parking on a public road, move as far away from traffic as possible.  If there is a roadside shoulder, pull as far onto it as you can.  If there is a curb, pull close to it - you must not park more than one foot away.


Always park on the right side of the roadway, unless it is a one-way street.  Make sure your vehicle cannot move.  Set the parking brake and shift to park with an automatic transmission or reverse with a manual transmission.  Always check traffic behind you before getting out, or get out on the curb side.  Before you leave any parked position, look over your shoulder to the rear to make sure the way is clear. Give the proper turn signal if driving from a curb and yield to other traffic.


To request a new parking zone or request a zone change, contact the Traffic Engineering Division.


For more information or to report a meter that needs repair, please submit a Service Request for 'Parking Meter Maintenance', or call the Municipal Service Center.


Parking citations can be paid by telephone by calling City of Stockton Citation Payment System


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