Traffic Operations

Traffic Engineering works on projects and programs to improve the traffic safety of the streets in the city.  Changes initiated by the Traffic Engineering Section are the result of studies to determine if a situation meets a set of standards called "warrants." 


These warrants have been established by state and federal guidelines through years of engineering practice to provide uniform guidelines. If a particular circumstance meets the criteria, the guidelines are followed to eliminate a potential safety hazard.


To help manage the City's traffic system, Public Works uses a centrally controlled, high-tech communication network of computers, modems, video cameras, and fiber optic cable that connects traffic signals throughout the city.


The Stockton Traffic Management System communication network is used to modify signal timing, provide real-time traffic conditions and coordinate communication between signals across the city.  Video cameras installed at traffic signals are monitored as part of the signal timing process.


Additionally, Public Works coordinates with the Police Department on traffic safety issues. Traffic Engineering assists on all developments and reviews construction area traffic control plans.


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