Traffic Issues

One of the most common issues reported to the Public Works Department by Stockton residents are reports of speeding vehicles on local neighborhood streets. Citizens express concerns about the safety of children and pedestrians in the neighborhood, careless drivers, and cut-through traffic. 


Speeding Vehicles

The primary concern of most citizens who contact the City about traffic is to report safety issues caused by vehicles speeding through neighborhoods.  The Neighborhood Traffic Management Program was created to respond to these concerns and allow neighborhood residents to be involved in the solution.


Child / Pedestrian Safety

Traffic calming has proven far more effective in preventing child pedestrian injuries than road safety education, which has been "unable to exert meaningful changes in the behavior of children." Speed humps were associated with a 53-60% reduction in the odds of injury or death among children struck by an automobile in their neighborhoods. (American Journal of Public Health).


Careless / Distracted Drivers

Careless and distracted drivers drive without due care and attention, driving in a manner that is considered below the standard of a reasonable, prudent, and competent.  These drivers are often thoughtless by disregarding others, showing a lack of consideration, being negligent and putting others at risk.


Cut-through Traffic

Cut-through traffic is traffic of vehicles whose drivers' starting point and destination are not within the neighborhood.  These drivers are passing through the neighborhood on local streets. Streets are designed with the intent that through traffic will use the major streets and collector streets, not neighborhood streets. This does not always happen, drivers tend to seek out local streets to avoid congested or stop controlled intersections. Sometimes, drivers cut-through because local streets are faster or are more pleasant and seem to be faster.


For additional information, please contact Traffic Calming to discuss options for Neighborhood Traffic Management.



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