Full Traffic Calming Program

Depending on the types of measures selected and the cost of construction, Full Program plans may be presented to the City Council for approval and funding.  In addition to the Non-Physical and Vertical Deflection Measures listed under the Expedited Speed Hump Program, the Full Program includes: Narrowing, Horizontal, and Diversion Measures, shown below.  For more information on each measure, please refer to the Traffic Calming Guidelines.


Narrowing Measures

Traffic studies show motorists tend to speed when the roads are wide.  Narrowing the street reduces the speed most drivers find reasonable and comfortable.  Narrowing is done through reducing the pavement width, adding parking to the street or adding a median.  Measures include:

Horizontal Measures

Deflecting or curving the travel path of the automobile causes a driver to slow and devote more attention to the task of driving.  Deflection usually terminates long, straight street views, thereby reducing the design speed.  Measures include:

Diversion Measures

Diverting the driver's route makes vehicular access more difficult and requires the driver to use a different route.  These measures also limit a property owner's access to private property.  They are the most costly, but most effective measure since they divert all traffic to another route.  A Public Hearing and approval of property owners and City Council is required.  The measures include:


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