Expedited Speed Hump Program

Neighborhoods choosing the Expedited Speed Hump Program may choose from any non-physical and vertical traffic calming measures.  The Speed Hump Program does not require approval by the City Council and will be constructed under an annual speed hump project award by the City Council.  The expedited program, from the initial neighborhood meeting to construction of the plan, can be completed in as little as 3 to 4 months depending on the weather at the time of construction.  For more information on specific measures, please refer to the Traffic Calming Guidelines.


Non-Physical Measures

Non-Physical measures are generally the lowest cost.  They have the least disadvantages to the neighborhood, but on their own are also the least effective.  These measures include:



Vertical Measures

Vertical measures change the pavement surface demanding the driver's attention and forces vehicles to go up and over the measure which reduces the comfortable driving speed.  These measures have proven to be the most effective at reducing vehicle speeds.  Vertical measures include:




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