Traffic Calming Choices

Neighborhoods may choose between the Expedited Speed Hump Program or the Full Traffic Calming Program. 

 Speed Hump with Bump Legend available through Expedited Program

Expedited Speed Hump Program

The expedited program was created as an alternative for neighborhoods interested only in speed humps and reduces the need for educational requirements, traffic studies, and qualifying criteria. The Speed Hump Program consists of non-physical and vertical measures only and usually proceeds from neighborhood kick-off meeting to construction in as little as 3 to 4 months.




Traffic Circle Available Through Full ProgramFull Traffic Calming Program

Full Traffic Calming Program consists of all available traffic calming measures.  Generally a design consultant must be hired to design the plan and in addition to neighborhood approval, it requires approval by the City Council before the plan is put out to bid for construction.  Overall, the costs of the Full Program are much higher.





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