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City Owned Facilities 

The Facilities Maintenance Division provides general maintenance and oversight of custodial services for most City of Stockton buildings and facilities. Services are provided in a timely manner to ensure that facilities operate in a safe, secure and cost-efficient environment.  Services include maintenance of:

  • Structures
  • Utilities
  • Equipment
  • Mechanical and electrical systems

Responsibilities of this division range from facility maintenance, renovations, maintenance of safety systems, energy management systems, materials and cost control and maintenance management systems.


The Facilities Maintenance office at the Municipal Services Center coordinates and plans preventive, as-needed maintenance. Employees are organized by trade, including building maintenance, HVAC Systems Mechanics, Plumbers, Electricians, Painters and Carpenters. These journey level workers also provide on-call service for emergencies during non-business periods, as well as support for City special events.


Complex work and large renovations are often done by outside contract, largely due to specialized equipments, cost factors or the size of our workforce. Every effort is taken tocare for our facilities while being as cost effective as possible.


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