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Weber Avenue Streetscape

The Weber Avenue Streetscape Project is split into two phases, each phase further enhancing the downtown area.  

This revitalization project is a vital step to:

  • reinvigorating local businesses,
  • creating an inviting, pedestrian-friendly streetscape, and
  • encouraging the use of mass transit.

The project spans nine blocks - Stanislaus Street to the Alamont Corridor Express (ACE) train station. 


Weber Avenue Streetscape - Map of Phase 1 and 2


Phase 2 - Stanislaus to Union Pacific Railroad

Phase 2 construction started May 5, 2014, and should take about eight months to complete. 

Weber Avenue Streetscape Amenities

Upgrades and enhancements include:

  • curbs and gutters,
  • sidewalks,
  • median/raised median improvements,
  • traffic calming and bulbout features, and 
  • street lighting.

Traffic control will be in place throughout construction, and Weber Avenue will be open with restrictions.  The public should expect an initial detour for eastbound traffic on Weber Avenue.  Resident and business access adjacent to the work area will remain open.

View Flyer of Project Updates as of

August 14, 2014.


Phase 1 - El Dorado to Stanislaus

In 2001, City Council approved the Master Plan for Weber Avenue Streetscape Beautification.

In 2003, Phase 1 included the six blocks of El Dorado Street to Stanislaus Street. Streetscape features were added to existing sidewalks; it did not include full reconstruction.


Funding Sources

All funds for Weber Avenue Streetscape have been fully funded by the two federal funds listed below. No general funds from the City were used in this project.


Transportation Enhancement Activities

The Transportation Enhancement (TE) Program offered much-needed funding opportunities to help expand and enhance transportation choices.  These areas include:

  • pedestrian and bicycle infrastructure and safety programs,
  • scenic and historic highway programs,
  • landscaping and scenic beautification,
  • historic preservation, and
  • environmental mitigation.

Regional Surface Transportation Program

The Regional Surface Transportation Program (RSTP) was established by California State Statute from Surface Transportation Program Funds. This program allowed for construction, reconstruction, rehabilitation, resurfacing, restoration, and operational improvements to the Weber Avenue Streetscape.


Weber Avenue Streetscape Project



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