Pacific Ave MedianPacific Ave. Median Reconstruction Map

The City of Stockton has awarded a contract to California Highway Construction Group, Inc. for the reconstruction of the median on Pacific Avenue. The median is the raised area that separates northbound and southbound lanes of traffic. The construction project will include two sections of the median:

  • between Hammer Lane and W. Robinhood Drive., and
  • between March Lane and the Calaveras River Bridge.


Project Dates and Lane Closures

Project construction will start on or about June 6, 2022, with an estimated completion date of October 31, 2022. There will be lane closures in both directions of Pacific Avenue, northbound and southbound, in the sections under construction. There may be minor delays during construction. Please reduce speeds and drive carefully.


Parking Restrictions During Construction

No Parking signs will be posted along Pacific Avenue to reduce traffic congestion during working hours. 


Project Information

For questions regarding the project, please contact the California Highway Construction Group, Inc., at (925) 768-4243 or (415) 755-7435. 


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