Active Transportation Plan

Transportation Plan Introduction

Project Background 

Transportation Plan Map - SmallIn 2017, the City of Stockton received grant funding to develop a Greater Downtown Active Transportation Plan. Stockton is a regional employment hub, particularly downtown, but only a small percentage of Stockton residents choose to walk or bike as part of their commute. 


As downtown continues to grow, it is important to provide residents and community members with transportation options other than driving.


The Active Transportation Plan will identify and recommend future bicycle and pedestrian facility projects in the City of Stockton’s Greater Downtown.


Project Description

The Greater Downtown Active Transportation Plan builds on the bicycle network in the 2017 Bicycle Master Plan. These projects will contribute to a truly multimodal downtown by:

  • Enhancing safety for pedestrians, cyclists, and transit riders with improved access to transit, schools, work, and regional trails
  • Creating connections to and from other areas in the City
  • Supporting the revitalization of Stockton’s core


Once the plan is complete, the City of Stockton will be well-positioned to seek funding to implement the recommended bicycle and pedestrian facility projects.


Community Involvement

The Greater Downtown Active Transportation Plan includes an extensive 12-month public outreach program, to include key stakeholder groups and the community at key milestones throughout. Opportunities for community involvement in the next year include:

  • interviews with underrepresented groups,
  • group meetings with stakeholder representatives,
  • two pop-up workshops and a virtual workshop, and
  • a community open house.


Small Group Interviews - June 2018

In June 2018, the project team held a series of three small group discussions with representatives from seven community-based organizations. These interviews helped to:

  • introduce the plan;
  • explore the connection between social equity and active transportation; and
  • discuss community outreach e.g., how the community can be involved and how to develop partnerships with community-based organizations throughout this process.
  • Summary of Small Group Interviews


This stakeholder and community input will be considered, alongside the project development team’s technical analysis and industry best practices, to develop a priority list of active transportation projects in the Active Transportation Plan.


Elements of a Complete Street


Get Involved! 



Below is an overview of the project’s timeline. 

Please note: Timeframe for each outreach opportunity is subject to change; dates are tentative.

 Timeline for Downtown Active Transportation Plan


Project Materials


Project Contact

Antonio Tovar | (209) 937-7390


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