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Why should Multi-Family Units recycle?  There are some good reasons, including:

  • Recycling will reduce your waste disposal costs
  • Recycling adds a positive image to your property
  • Recycling helps the economy by creating jobs and new markets
  • It reserves valuable and limited resources
  • It is environmentally and socially responsible
  • It conserves landfill space and helps keep waste costs down
  • Recycling produces energy savings and reduces pollution 

California State and City of Stockton laws make commercial recycling mandatory (AB 341, AB32, AB 939 and Stockton Municipal Code 8.04.070). 


How We Can Help

Property Managers and owners who are interested in setting up a successful Recycling Program, can contact us and ask for assistance.  We can provide literature, posters, recycling kits (limited) and work with your waste hauler to make sure your Recycling Program is successful and fun.  
If you would like assistance or need additional information, please contact us


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