Recycling Kits

A limited number of multi-family unit recycling kits are available for property managers and residents of multi-family housing units.  Please contact the Solid Waste Divison for information about receiving recycling kits.


Recycling Kits for Property Managers

  • Information about the benefits of setting up a recycling program
  • Information about cost savings of recycling
  • Draft letter for residents to announce new recycling program
  • Information on stopping junk mail
  • Waste Hauler and Recycling Hotline contact information
  • Recycling posters and signs for trash and recycling containers


Recycling kits for multi-family unit residents

  • 5 gallon yellow recycling container, or
  • A recycle / shopping bag made from recycled materials
  • Magnet with recycling hotline number
  • Stop Junk Mail Kit
  • Information on disposing Household Hazardous Materials
  • Information on what items can be recycled


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