Illegal Dumping

In Stockton, it is unlawful for any person in the City to throw or deposit any recyclable material, green waste, rubbish or waste matter or to cause the same to be thrown or deposited upon any street. You are not allowed to dump garbage in the street.


The Public Works Municipal Service Center is responsible for maintaining the City's public right-of-ways. This includes keeping the public streets and alleys free of debris and weeds.


Reporting Illegal Dumping

If you witness or know the source of illegal dumping in the public right of way, please call the Neighborhood Services (Code Enforcement) Section of the Stockton Police Department at 209-937-8813.


If you observe debris in the public right of way but do not know the source, please call the City of Stockton Municipal Service Center at 209-937-8341.


To report illegal dumping in progress, please call the Stockton Police non-emergency number 209-937-8377.


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