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Service Providers

The lid colors on the carts are the same for both companies. However, the COLOR of the cart body - or sides - tells you which company provides service in your neighborhood.


If you have a missed pick up, require a special service or need additional information about your services, please contact your service provider directly at the number listed below.


Customers with BROWN-bodied carts are serviced by Allied Waste.


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 (209) 466-3604


Customers with GREEN-bodied carts are services by Waste Management.


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  (209) 946-5711


You may also use the City's About Your Address feature to determine which company provides your service.



External Links


Allied Waste (Republic Services) - Corporate web page for the Stockton service area


Waste Management - Corporate web page for the Stockton service area


San Joaquin County Solid Waste Division - Waste collection services for Stockton residents living outside the city limits


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