Wheeled Carts

Stockton's service providers provide sturdy, easy-to-use wheeled carts for residents to use. The carts have an attached colored lid to alert you to the type of material to put in each cart.


Trash Cart - Gray Lid

Photo of a Trash CartTrash is all material that cannot be placed in either the Recycling or Organics    (Green & Food Waste) Cart, including things like ashes, pet waste, litter and Styrofoam. Please "Right Size" your cart and keep Stockton clean and green.  


  • Option to choose a 30-, 60- or 90-gallon wheeled cart
  • Weekly pickup when placed curbside on your designated service day
  • Trash (Garbage) Examples


Recycling Cart - Yellow Lid

Photo of a Recycling CartStockton's cart system is designed so more items will go into the Recycling cart than the Trash cart. Recycling includes clean and empty, dry bottles, cans, paper and cardboard. Keep recyclables loose. Don't bag recyclables. Only materials free of contaminates are recyclable. 


  • 60-gallon wheeled cart
  • Weekly pickup when placed curbside on your designated service day
  • Recycling Examples


Organics (Green & Food Waste) Cart - Green Lid
Photo of a Green and Food Waste Cart

Green waste is another name for yard waste such as leaves, tree or shrub trimmings, grass clippings and some indoor items such as unpotted plants. (Pots, if recyclable, may be placed in the recycling cart.) Food waste also goes in the green-lid cart, including things like bread, solid dairy products and meat (including bones) to name a few.


  • 90-gallon wheeled cart
    • Residential customers can receive an additional 90-gallon Organic (green waste) Cart for free.
  • Weekly pickup when placed curbside on your designated service day
  • Organics (Green & Food Waste) Examples




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