Residential Services

Stockton residents in a single-family home, duplex or triplex receive residential waste collection services at a fixed rate and include:

  • Weekly trash, recycling, green waste, and food waste collection
  • 12 Extra Service Stickers per year
  • Street sweeping every other week
  • Used motor oil and oil filter collection
  • Annual Stockton Clean Sweep Collection - February 1 to October 31
  • Seasonal Leaf Collection - October 1 to December 31
  • Christmas Tree Collection - December 27 to January 14
Residents receive three-wheeled carts for: trash, recycling, and green/food waste – all for one monthly cost. Weekly waste collection services occur on a day specified by your service provider.

At the start of a new service, residents receive a "Starter Kit" with: 
  1. Information on what material to place in each cart
  2. Set of 12 Extra Service stickers when you have too much waste to fit into any of the carts
  3. List of services included in your monthly service charge
  4. List of special services available at a nominal fee

Most concerns about your service can be resolved by contacting your service provider. If you have additional questions or concerns, Contact Us

Excess Leaves & Debris

If you have excess leaves and debris in your yard as a result of the recent storm condition, use your Organics (green/food waste) cart to collect leaves and small branches for removal on your next service day. Please do not overfill your cart. The lid must close to prevent collected materials from falling out of the cart during service.


Too much to fit in your Organics cart? Use a 35-gallon plastic bag for excess material, place an Extra Service sticker on each bag, and set bags next to your organics cart for collection on your next service day.


Extra pick-ups are also available at a per 90-gallon cart charge of $18.20 (on service day) or $46.88 (on non-service day). Contact your service provider directly to arrange for these special services. 


Report large branches or trees that have fallen and are blocking roadways or sidewalks, contact the City of Stockton Municipal Service Center.


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