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Smaller Projects

Generally, small projects by home owners and electrical jobs are considered exempt from meeting the 50% recycling requirements.


Roofing Companies

Roofing companies applying for a permit and generating composition roofing waste are no longer exempt from the 50% recycling requirements. Roofers are now required to comply with our recycling requirements and take all roofing materials to SPT Shingle Recycling,10500 South Harlan Road, in French Camp.


For information about the how to recycle shingles, please contact the SPT Shingle Recycling, Stockton Facility.  A link to a list of addresses and telephone numbers can be found in External Links below. 


Recyling Report Required

Please remember, even if you are exempt, you must still submit a final Recycling Report to avoid fines or citations.


For more information about exemptions or Construction & Demolition Recycling, please Contact Us.


External Links

SPT Shingle Recycling, Stockton Facility

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