The Public Works Department Engineering Section oversees and manages the delivery of Public Works Capital Improvement Program (CIP).  Engineering also sets priorities for CIP projects to develop the roadway and bridge crossing infrastructures as called for in the City's General Plan. 


Projects can include:

  • street improvements,
  • bridge crossings,
  • new and reconstruction of interchanges along Interstate 5 and Highway 99, and
  • other City Department infrastructure projects, such as water, stormwater, sanitary, public safety, fire, and police facilities.


Engineering Services

  • Manages planning, preliminary engineering, design, construction and closeout phases of projects
  • Manages environmental clearance process
  • Coordinates with other agencies and prepares and administers cooperative agreements
  • Coordinates, manages and inspects construction
  • Applies for and administers grant funding
  • Prepares and administers project agreements
  • Prepare budget estimates for the 5-year CIP plan


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