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The Stockton Police Department Sentinel Program is a volunteer program at the Police Department for adults wanting to work in law enforcement.  Some volunteers are interested in a law enforcement career, some have a career but always liked the idea of working in law enforcement, some are looking to fill some free time, and others feel strongly about improving their community by helping their local Police Department.


To join the Sentinel Program, a citizen must be age 18+ with a high school diploma or equivalent who can volunteer at least 16 hours a month. First print out the application from the link below.  


Although the application is online, it is not to be filled out online.  Please print  and fill it out by hand.  This is the first test to become a Sentinel to see proper English grammar and writing skills.  After passing the first test, the applicant must go through an interview and a thorough background check.


Once passing all of the above, you will enter into the Sentinel Academy.  During the Academy, the applicant will learn a base knowledge of law enforcement, report writing, personal safety and verbal judo.  Upon graduation, the applicant can then proudly wear the uniform and badge of a Stockton Police Sentinel.


All Sentinels start out in the Patrol Division.  This is the backbone of policing and where every new police officer starts as well.  Sentinels will ride along with a training officer and learn radio use, computer use, type of reports they can write, crime scene preservation, and the non-confrontational patrolling style used by Sentinels on patrol.  Once a Sentinel has reached a level of competence, they will be allowed to patrol with a partner Sentinel.


All Sentinels will have the chance to work special events or  help on major cases, such as locate missing persons or conducting traffic control on the outer perimeters.


If you are ready to improve your community, help others by volunteering and become part of a proud tradition, print the Sentinel application now.


Sentinel Application     

Sentinel Availability Form

Sentinel Brochure

Sentinel Release of Liability and Confidentiality Form



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