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Alarm Ordinance  

Alarm owners must purchase an alarm permit before they install or use an alarm system. The information provided on the permit helps officers respond properly to your alarm. The initial permit fee is $55.00. The permit fee helps pay the costs associated with the Alarm Reduction Program, which has been established to help reduce false alarms within the city.


Businesses must renew their permits on an annual basis, and homeowners must renew their permits every three years. The renewal fee for permits that expire on December 31, 2010, is $25.00.


Renewal notices are mailed to alarm owners during the November preceding the December 31st of the year the permit expires.  The renewal cost is due and payable by December 31st.


The alarm user's permit is authorized under the Stockton Municipal Code, Intrusion Detection Devices and Burglar Alarm Systems.  A link to the ordinance is provided under "External Links" below.


Alarm Ordinance Compliance

  • Alarm owners with a chronic false alarm problem may be placed on the police department's non-response list, or have their alarm permit revoked.
  • Your alarm must have a battery backup system capable of powering the alarm for at least two hours.
  • It is unlawful to have an audible alarm that rings for more than 20 minutes or sounds like a police siren.
  • Operating an alarm without a permit may result in a fee of $267.


Alarm Permit Application


If you have any questions or if you would like us to send you an application for an Alarm Permit, please call the Stockton Police Department Alarm Reduction Unit at (209) 937-8615.




External Links

Stockton Municipal Code, Section 8.44, Intrusion Detection Devices and Burglar Alarm Systems

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