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Pay Parking Citation

Pay a parking citation: in person, online, and pay-by-phone.


Pay in person at the following locations:


Paying Citations Online or by Telephone

  • You may pay your parking citation using on the online internet-based payment system.  A link to the online system is provided under External Links below.  Additional information about this method of payment is provided below.
  • Payments can also be made by telephone by calling the Citation Processing Center at the following toll free number: 1-800-989-2058.
  • An additional $3.50 fee applies to online or pay-by-phone payments.


What does the Parking Ticket Payment System allow me to do?

The Parking Ticket System allows you to pay for parking citations.  Locate your citation number on the original ticket or on the Notice of Violation post card.  Enter the citation number and then click on "Ticket Lookup."  You do not need to enter zeroes before the citation number.


How do I look up my ticket without a citation number?

For the security of your personal information, this site will only perform searches on the ticket number.  If you don't have your ticket number, you may call the Stockton Police Department - Traffic Section.


In addition to your ticket number, you will need one of the two following criteria in order to view your ticket within the Citation Processing System:

  • Cite number and time of violation
  • Notice number and 5 digit zip code
  • License plate and state
  • Cite number and date of violation


Why can't I find my citation in the system?

If you just received your citation, you may not be able to pay/appeal online until it is uploaded to the Processing Center.  Citations are usually uploaded every 24 hours; in some cases it may take a little longer before it is available online.


If you cannot locate your citation online, please contact the Citation Processing Center at 1-800-989-2058.


How does the Online Parking Ticket System work? 

  1. Access the online Parking Ticket System by clicking on the link provided under External Links below.
  2. Enter 1 of 4 options to access your parking citation (See above for "How do I look up my ticket without a citation number" for the 4 criteria options to choose from and enter.)
  3. Once you have pulled up your citation, you will be able to pay or appeal the citation if you are within the time frame allowed to appeal.  Please note, if you have more than 1 citation, you will be able to pay each individually or all at the same time.

Please note: There is a $3.50 additional fee charged to your debit or credit card for each transaction.


Credit Card Statement Information

The City of Stockton partners with the Citation Processing Center to serve as our parking ticket processor.  Please be aware that when you receive your credit card statement, the transaction for payment of your citation(s) will appear as "Citation Processing Center" but it is in fact for the City of Stockton.


If you have any questions concerning your payment, please call the Citation Processing Center at 1-800-989-2058.


Is the Online Parking Ticket System secure?

The Parking Ticket System uses 128-bit encryption, which is the highest level available.  Encryption is the scrambling of information for transmission back and forth between two points.  A key is required to decode the information.  This is the same security used on all online internet-based payment applications.  This site does not store any information about your credit card.  Once an approval or rejection is received, the information is purged from the system.


What if I receive a message that the system is not available?

If you get this message, the system should be available within one to two hours.  There are times when the site may not be available for processing online payments.


How do I contest my citation?

This site now allows you to contest your citation online.  You must contest your citation within the first 21 calendar days following the issuance by contesting online or appearing in person at the Stockton Police Department Traffic Section at the Main Police Facility, 22 E. Market Street,.  You may request a Review of Parking Citation Form be mailed to you by contacting the Traffic Section if internet access is not available.


If you elect to appeal the citation online, you will be allowed to upload supporting evidence such as pictures, statements from witnesses, receipts, or other documentation that may assist in the review of your citation.  The same provisions apply if contesting in person.  If you are contesting a citation, there is no payment necessary until a final Notice of Decision has been made on your citation.  If you have any questions, please contact the Citation Processing Center at 800-989-2058 or the Stockton Police Department Traffic Section.


External Links

Access Online Parking Ticket Payment and Appeal System

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