During the COVID-19 pandemic, all applications will be accepted and processed according to the processes outlined on this page.


Planning Applications

Submittal and Processing

  • Submit via the Electronic Submittal of  Planning Applications handout (download here).
  • Once accepted, a staff planner will work remotely with each applicant on processing.
  • All communications will happen via telephone and online video conferencing.



Only one Planning Application is needed for a single development (even for multiple planning approval types (i.e. Site Plan Review and Design Review). Use the following documents to submit an application:


 Home Occupation Permit

  • Review the Stockton Municipal Code Chapter 16.132 (Home Occupation Permits) to determine if proposed Home Occupation use is allowable.  Also, review the prohibited activities.  See this link for allowable/prohibited activities.
  • Complete a Home Occupation Permit (download here). Note: the property owner must sign and enter their name and contact information.
  • Scan the completed applications with signature(s) to PDF format.
  • Email the completed applications to planning@stocktonca.gov.  In the subject line, please include: NEW HOME OCCUPATION PERMIT APPLICATION along with the property address.
  • Staff will then generate an invoice and provide instructions to the applicant through email for online payment.
  • Once payment is confirmed, the Home Occupation Permit will be provided.


Street Tree or Heritage Oak Tree Removal Permit



 If you have any questions regarding the Planning Permits, please Contact Us or email us at Ask Stockton.


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