Engineering & Transportation Permits & Inspection

City of Stockton Engineering & Transportation is responsible for planning, designing, funding, building, operating and maintaining all roads, bridges and transportation facilities within the city.

The City of Stockton is an area of approximately 65.4 square miles. Our road system exceeds 670 miles and serves more than 301,000 residents. Our focus is to improve safety, maintain our existing roads and bridges, and enhance our roadway capacity to keep up with our population growth.


Engineering Permits & Resources Available Online


Encroachment Permits Required

Any work performed in the public right-of-way requires an encroachment permit. Encroachment entails going over, upon, under, or using any public right-of-way or natural watercourse in any manner other than its intended use. Examples include:

  • Installation or repair of sidewalk, curb and/or gutter, driveway approach,
  • Installation of sidewalk under-drain,
  • Installation of sewer lateral, and
  • Any construction or staging requiring traffic or pedestrian control.


Obtain an Encroachment Permit

  • Complete and submit the Encroachment Permit Application.
  • Provide proper Insurance Documents.
  • Provide site specific Traffic/Pedestrian Control Plans.
  • Ensure all contractors and sub-contractors have a City Business License.
  • Pay Encroachment Permit fees and security deposit.


Transportation Permits – Annual and Daily

Transportation permits (annual and daily) are required when transporting large vehicles through the City. Examples requiring a transportation permit include:

  • Over-sized vehicles,
  • Moving modular homes or structures,
  • Moving construction equipment; and
  • Any other transportation that exceeds the City's standards.

If the hauler is making two or more trips with the same vehicle to the same location, the moves can be combined on a single permit. The permit fee must reflect multiple trips. For example, two trips will double the permit fee. Annual permits are also available.


Applications & Brochures 

Many applications and brochures are available in PDF format.  Links to these documents are provided below:


In lieu of applying for Engineering permits online, Engineering Permit Applications and appropriate supporting documents can be sent via email to or submitted over the counter at the Permit Center. If using the email, it is best to enter the Permit Type or Topic of Interest in the subject line.


For more on current rates, please visit the Community Development section in City's Fee Schedule.

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