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Development Oversight Commission's presentation report on Development Impact Fees.


The City of Stockton Permit Center assists customers through every aspect of the permitting process from initial questions and pre-application meetings through inspections and final certificate of occupancy.  The Permit Center consists of Building and Life Safety, Engineering & Transportation Planning (planning/permit administration), Fire Prevention, Municipal Utilities(MUD), Parks Planning and Planning Divisions.

Downtown Development Handbook

Downtown Development Handbook

The City created the Downtown Development Handbook (a PDF 79 pages 1.64MB) to be a useful reference for the business community and members of the public to better understand Stockton's development process.  The handbook serves as a guide to navigate the City's planning entitlement process and also provides direction to other aspects of developing downtown.  


If you have any questions regarding the Permit Center, please Contact Us, or, fill out a service request form with Ask Stockton below.

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