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Plan Check

City Planners and Plan Examiners will review plans submitted with a building permit application. This may result in design changes to comply with City regulations and building codes. The amount of time required for plan check depends on the size and complexity of the project.  City Plan Checkers are available to answer questions regarding your building permit.


Before submitting plans, ensure that the use, size, height, and location of the building on the development site conforms with the City's Zoning Code. Contact the Planning Division for more information regarding zoning of property. A complete set of plans must include:

  • plot planBuilding Permit Plan Check
  • foundation plan
  • floor plan 
  • elevations (front, rear, and side views)
  • cross section (floor, wall and roof)
  • details of critical connections
  • construction details and material specifications
  • energy/insulation requirements


The City also offers Expedited Plan Check Review. The applicant may choose to use one of the City's approved outside consulting firms to review plans. The fees and time frame for outside plan review shall be negotiated directly with the consulting firm. The City will charge 35 percent of the full plan check fee and full permit fees at the time the permit is issued.


Links to firms that provide plan checking services are provided under External Links below.


If you have any questions regarding the Plan Check Process please Contact Us.



External Links

Bureau Veritas-North America Inc.

Esgil Corporation

4Leaf Inc

Pacific Plan Review, Oakdale, CA (209) 848-1270

Interwest Consulting Group

NAFFA International

Precision Inspection Company


KC2A, Orangevale, CA (916) 367-8518


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