Updated Procedures for Inspections During Covid-19 Pandemic

City of Stockton Building Inspectors will enter occupied buildings for inspection purposes at their discretion during the current public health emergency, COVID-19. If the building inspector feels that it is not in the best interest of safety to perform an interior inspection, alternate arrangements will made with the permit holder. Likewise, if customers are not comfortable with a building inspector performing an interior inspection, they are encouraged to indicate such at time of inspection scheduling so that alternate arrangements can be made. Virtual inspections may be an option for some projects. If an inspector needs to enter a building to perform the inspection, someone must be present at the job site during the inspections.


Inspection Improvements

In July of 2018, a simplified list of Inspection Code Numbers was initiated for all new and existing Building Permits. This change streamlined the building inspection process. The process for scheduling inspections remained the same, except for the following inspection codes.   

  • Orange inspection cards: For commercial permits
  • Green inspection cards: For residential permits
  • Example: Jobsite Inspection Record 

If you have any questions, please Contact Us.



All building permits require an inspection conducted by our trained, professional inspectors to review:

  • footings, foundation, and plumbing
  • mechanical, electrical, and structural frames
  • insulation, lathe, and drywall

Building inspections ensure construction meets all municipal ordinances and state building codes. Building inspections also ensure that new or remodeled buildings are constructed according to the plans approved by the Community Development Department.


Scheduling Process

A ladder must be on the job site for the Building Inspector's use.

Use the 'Schedule Online Inspection" link below or call the 24-hour automated phone line.

Request inspections for the next working day prior to 3 p.m. Requests made after 3 p.m. will be scheduled for the second working day following. Due to higher than normal inspection volume, next day inspections may not be possible. Please plan accordingly by scheduling at least two days in advance to meet your requested date. 

To be contacted by the inspector prior to inspection, please leave a detailed message. The message should include information such as contact name, contact phone number, and any special instructions, such as if a time frame is needed, if the contact needs 1-hour notice prior to inspection or if there is a gate code, etc.

For more information, please contact the Building Division.


All building inspections are included in the permit fee.

  • Building inspection hours: Hours of Service
  • Overtime inspections may be requested; additional fees apply for overtime inspections. 
  • A Special Inspection and Testing Agreement may be required by the project engineer.


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 Schedule Online Inspection

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