Building Permit applications are available to download on the Applications & Handouts page or can be obtained and filled out in the Building and Life Safety Division in the Community Development Department.


The type of information and documents required vary based on the project type. Please review the submittal checklist on the Applications & Handouts page for your specific project type before making an application to the Building & Life Safety Division.


Many permit types are now offered completely online. Please visit the Online Permits page to see if your project is eligible.


If plans are necessary for a building permit, all plan review submittals must be submitted via electronic media. Please visit the Plan Check page for more information about the electronic plan check process, including formatting requirements. Before submitting plans, please ensure that the use, size, height and location of the building on the development site conforms with the City's Zoning Code. Verify the location of any public utility easements on the building site, as construction is not allowed on or over such easements.


If you have any questions regarding Building Application, please contact the Building Division by visiting the Contact Us page. 



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