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Stockton’s Monitoring and Special Studies Programs provide a fingerprint of the quality of urban runoff that is discharged directly into our rivers, lakes, sloughs, and the Delta.  Specific Pollutants of Concern (POCs) contained in the runoff are identified and used to determine how much pollution is caused from urban discharge.


Sampling data is an important tool that provides analytical information on the types and amounts of pollutants present in urban stormwater.  This data is used to identify pollutant sources and to develop pollution prevention programs and best management practices that will prevent the spread of those pollutants into local waterways.


The City of Stockton’s Stormwater Program conducts monitoring services for the following programs in compliance with the Stormwater NPDES Permit:


  • Urban Discharge and Receiving Water Sampling Program
  • Detention Basin Monitoring Program
  • Best Management Practices (BMP) Effectiveness Studies
  • Dry Weather Field Screening
  • Sediment Plan Monitoring Program
  • Pathogen Plan Source Identification Study
  • Low Dissolved Oxygen Monitoring Plan
  • Mercury Monitoring Plan
  • Pesticide Plan Monitoring


Specific details on each program can be found within the Stormwater Management Plan, or by contacting our Stormwater Program Manager.



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