Development Activities

Operators of construction sites on one-acre or larger, including smaller sites part of a larger common plan of development, are monitored under the State’s Construction General Permit. The Stormwater Program also requires specific control measures for post-construction runoff from new developments and redeveloped areas.


The current Stormwater Quality Control Criteria Plan (SWQCCP) provides development standards on these controls, including general site control measures, site-specific source control measures, and treatment control measures for:


Priority Land Uses (PLU):

  • High-density residential – All land uses with at least 10 developed dwelling units per acre
  • Industrial – Land uses where the primary activities on the developed parcels involve product manufacture, storage, or distribution (e.g., manufacturing businesses, warehouses, equipment storage lots, junkyards, wholesale businesses, distribution centers, or building material sales yards)
  • Commercial – Land uses where the primary activities on the developed parcels involve the sale or transfer of goods or services to consumers (e.g., business or professional buildings, shops, restaurants, theaters, vehicle repair shops, etc.)
  • Mixed urban – Land uses where high-density residential, industrial, and/or commercial land uses predominate collectively (i.e., are intermixed)
  • Public transportation stations – Facilities or sites where public transit agencies’ vehicles load or unload passengers or goods (e.g., bus stations and stops)


Priority Projects:

  • Residential subdivision of 10 housing units
  • Commercial and industrial developments greater than or equal to 5,000 square feet
  • Parking lots 5,000 square feet or more or with 25 or more parking spaces and potentially exposed to urban runoff
  • Significant redevelopment – Significant redevelopment is defined as the creation or addition of at least 5,000 square feet of impervious surfaces on an already developed site


Stormwater Quality Control Criteria Plan


Construction Stormwater Regulations and Best Management Practices

Overview of Federal, State, and local stormwater regulations

Flyer of BMPS that may be implemented on construction sites


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