Utility EmergenciesCrew cleaning storm drain after a storm

Reporting Problems

To report an emergency, please call our Emergency Service Center, available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Submit an Ask Stockton request for non-emergencies.

Sewer Problems

If your sewer system clogs or backs up, problem may not be in sewer line at your home or business.

  • Contact Us before calling a plumber.
  • Our service trucks will determine the location of the problem and clear any clogs beyond the owner's connection point.

Clogged Storm Drains

Clogged storm drains can cause street flooding and traffic hazards.

  • Please keep storm drains clear of debris.
  • Sweep and dispose of leaves and garden debris according to City residential garbage collection services. 
  • If the drains get clogged during a storm and your street and gutter begin to flood, Contact Us. We will send a crew to clear the storm drain as quickly as possible.

Water Leaks or Broken Pipes

Water leaking into the gutter or street may be an indication of a broken pipe.

  • Contact Us for a service crew to assess the situation.

Illegal Dumping or Cleaning

Contact Us to report anything other than rain water flowing into the gutter or storm drain system.

The storm drain system carries stormwater and anything else in its path into local waterways without being treated.

Missing or Broken Manhole Covers

The City replaces missing maintenance hole covers, and repairs broken covers. Contact Us to prevent serious injury and unnecessary property damage.

Water Waste

Report water waste by calling our Water Conservation Hotline

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