National League of Cities Service Line Repairs by HomeServe

The National League of Cities (NLC) Service Line Warranty Program by HomeServe is available to single-family residential customers:

  • This warranty plan offers water and sewer service repairs to single-family residential customers to cover costs associated with unplanned repair expenses.
  • On September 13, 2022, the Stockton City Council approved an agreement with Utility Service Partners Inc. to offer these optional emergency repair plans to single-family residential water and sewer customers in Stockton.


Property owners in the City of Stockton are responsible for maintaining and repairing water pipelines from the house to the water meter, and sewer pipelines from the house to the sewer cleanout. Water meters and sewer cleanouts are typically near the street where these pipes connect to the City's systems. Unforeseen expenses to repair or replace these broken, leaking, or clogged external water pipes, sewer pipes, and in-home plumbing and drainage pipes may create an unexpected financial burden for residential property owners.


Available Plans for Purchase from HomeServe

Stockton single-family residential water and sewer customers are eligible to purchase three available warranty plans directly from HomeServe:

  • External water line warranty
    • Covers water lines on the customer's property, which are the customer's responsibility.
  • External sewer line warranty
    • Covers sewer lines on the customer's property, which are the customer's responsibility.
  • In-home plumbing and drainage coverage

The offerings are optional, and customers are under no obligation to purchase services from HomeServe.

HomeServe answers customer calls 24 hours a day and coordinates repairs on the plan holder's property with local licensed, bonded plumbing contractors.


HomeServe Marketing

HomeServe may conduct up to three direct marketing campaigns each year via U.S. Mail. Each campaign consists of two mailings. The company does not market these plans by calling or visiting potential plan subscribers through door-to-door sales.


For more information on these optional services, visit the HomeServe website.


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