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Regional Wastewater Control Facility Capital Improvement & Energy Management Plan

The Regional Wastewater Control Facility was originally constructed over 60 years ago, with some processes reconstructed within the last 20 years.  There remains equipment and infrastructure that have outlived their useful life and are not working efficiently.  A plant upgrade is necessary to improve the treatment process and meet new State requirements for discharge. 


A Capital Improvement and Energy Management Plan has been developed.  The Plan describes the regulatory and economic factors that steer future upgrades; chart the course for immediate and future improvements; and implement energy generation and energy savings measures for the Regional Wastewater Control Facility.  The estimated cost of this project is $130 million and is in the planning stages.  Funding for the Plan was included in the 2010 Wastewater Rate Study and the approved phased rate increases.


RWCF NBT Cold Weather Supply System

This project is part of the Regional Wastewater Control Facility Capital Improvement and Energy Management Plan Phase I - Immediate Projects.  This is a high priority project to reduce health and safety risks, provide sufficient pumping capacity for peak wet weather flow conditions, and to improve reliability in meeting discharge permit limits for ammonia during cold weather periods.  The project will install approximately 2,800 linear feet of 72-inch diameter reinforced concrete pipe, construct a flow diversion structure, and penetrate an existing levee for an outfall structure. 


2011 Sanitary Sewer Rehabilitation Project

The sewer rehabilitation project is designed to facilitate the rehabilitation of existing sewer lines that are deteriorating or are inadequately sized.  The construction includes the replacement of approximately 2,600 linear feet of 6-inch sewer pipe and 300 linear feet of 12-inch sewer pipe throughout the City.  The construction will rehabilitate pipes along Sutter Street between Weber Avenue and Main Street, Acacia Street between Buena Vista Avenue and Picardy Drive along a Public Utility Easement (PUE), Fillmore Avenue between Benjamin Holt Drive and La Mesa Avenue along a PUE, Lincoln Street between Turnpike Road and Third Street, and Jackson Street between San Joaquin Street and California Street. 


RWCF Bulk Sodium Hypochlorite and Sodium Bisulfite

The new RWCF Bulk Sodium Hypochlorite and Sodium Bisulfite has been initiated to replace the existing chlorination and dechlorination systems at the City's Regional Wastewater Control Facility.  The chlorination system provides the required disinfection of the treated wastewater, and the dechlorination system removes the chlorine residual prior to discharging into the San Joaquin River.  The new sodium hypochlorite and sodium bisulfite are significantly safer than the existing gas systems.  

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