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The City of Stockton Water Utility has started work on a important project to change the way our drinking water is disinfected. Beginning Fall 2015, the City of Stockton began using chloramines in its North Stockton water distribution system. This health related information is provided to help you understand if and how our drinking water is affected, including how kidney dialysis patients are affected.

Are Chloramines Safe?

The USEPA considers chloramines a safe, effective treatment method of reducing the potential health risk from regulated disinfection byproducts.

Can I Drink and Cook with Chloramine Treated Water?

Yes. Chloramine treated water will meet or surpass all local, state and federal guidelines for drinking water quality. You can safely drink the water, cook with it, and bath in it.

What Precautions Must Kidney Dialysis Providers Take?

Kidney dialysis patients can safely drink, cook, and bathe in water disinfected with chloramines. The digestive process neutralizes chloramines before they enter the bloodstream. But, like chlorine, chloramines must be removed from water to be used in kidney dialysis machines. The City works with local hospitals and dialysis treatment centers to educate them about chloramines. If you are a dialysis patient or have questions, call your physician or the dialysis center nearest you.

Is it Safe to Wash an Open Wound with Chloramine Treated Water?

Yes. When cleaning an open wound, virtually no water enters the bloodstream.

I've Heard that Some People Have Experienced Rashes or Breathing Problems.  Are Chloramines to Blame?

In recent years, a small percentage of consumers have expressed concern over health symptoms they believe are connected to chloramines. While the actual causes of the reported symptoms are undetermined, it is possible some individuals may be sensitive to chloramines, just as some individuals are sensitive to chlorine. The City of Stockton will use accurate and reliable equipment to ensure chloramines in our system meet all regulatory limits. If you experience symptoms believed to be connected to chloramines, please contact your physician.

Will Chloraminated Water Interact with My Medications?

There are no known interactions between chloramine-treated water and any kind of medication. People on medication should not experience any reactions caused by drinking chloramine treated water. If you have a specific concern, please contact your physician.

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The City of Stockton has developed FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions) documents specific to:


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