Office of Violence Prevention


The Office of Violence Prevention (OVP) works to significantly reduce gang/group gun violence within the city of Stockton, using data-driven partnership programs and strategies.



Our outreach workers "Peacekeepers" work with individuals at the highest risk of becoming victims and/or perpetrators of serious gun-related violence and provide positive alternatives for a healthier, non-violent lifestyle.


Operation Peacekeeper

Our outreach workers collaborate with government, community-based, and faith-based organizations to reduce group and gun violence in Stockton, reach out to high-risk individuals, and provide resources for them to avoid a gang/group lifestyle and become productive members of society. Outreach Workers (Peacekeepers) are street-wise men and women trained in:

  • conflict resolution
  • mediation 
  • mentoring
  • case management

They work with those at the highest risk for being perpetrators and/or victims of gun violence. Outreach Workers also respond to areas where violent crimes have occurred to talk with the friends and families of victims to prevent retaliation.


OVP coordinates inter-agency working partnerships with community leaders including:

  • Clergy, violence interventionists, public and community service providers, and
  • other stakeholders committed to reducing violence.


Strategies & Programs

  • Operation Ceasefire
    • Partner-based violence reduction strategy using respectful, direct communication with highest risk youth and young adults.
    • Based on the nationally recognized, evidence-based "Operation Ceasefire" strategy, which has produced multi-year, community-wide reductions in serious violence in cities across the country.
  • Operation Peacekeeper
    • Mentors youth and young adults with the highest risk of gang involvement, particularly serious gun-related violence, and provides positive alternatives for a healthier, non-violent lifestyle.



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