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Stockton's AB 506 Process & Chapter 9 Bankruptcy

On February 28, 2012, the Stockton City Council approved moving forward with a confidential neutral evaluation process recently adopted through state legislation, AB 506.  The AB 506 confidential mediation process began on March 27, 2012 and concluded on June 25, 2012.


On Tuesday, June 26, 2012, the City of Stockton adopted a Pendency Plan.  The City filed a petition for Chapter 9 bankruptcy protection on June 28, 2012.  The Bankruptcy Court ruled that Stockton was eligible for Chapter 9 protection on April 1, 2013.  Hearings were held in May, June, July and October of 2014.  On October 1, 2014, Judge Klein ruled that the City's Plan of Adjustment would be confirmed.  The Judge signed the Confirmation Order on February 4, 2015, and City's Plan of Adjustment became effective, February 25, 2015.


AB 506 Information

Information related to the City of Stockton AB 506 process is available on the web site.  Please see the link to AB 506 Information on the left.


Documents that are public records provided under the AB 506 process, and links to documents already posted to the City of Stockton web site, will be posted to the AB 506 Public Records web page


Chapter 9 Bankruptcy

Information related to the City of Stockton Chapter 9 bankruptcy is available on the web site.  Please see the Chapter 9 Bankruptcy link on the left.


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