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Youth Outreach Coordinator Jose Gomez

Youth Outreach Coordinator

Jose Gomez

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Jose Gomez migrated to Stockton, California, from Mexico in 1978 at the age of 10; by the age of 12 he joined a gang for protection.

During his teen years, he was incarcerated, stabbed near his heart by rival gang members, and shot during a drive-by-shooting.  With the help of a high school teacher and gang detective Dale Wagner, Jose was able to graduate from Edison High School with honors and served four years in the United States Marines.  Jose earned n Associate in Arts degree in Sociology from San Joaquin Delta College.

From 1991 to 1998, Jose worked as a Probation Aide in the San Joaquin County Juvenile Probation Gang Unit, Intensive Supervision Unit and Project 654 Unit.  In April of 1998, he was hired by the City of Stockton Peacekeepers as a Youth Outreach Worker in charge of the Latino gangs.  Jose is currently the program's coordinator and a Leadership Stockton Alumni, Class of 2012.

In 1994, Jose was the recipient a $50,000 fellowship award from the California Wellness Foundation for his efforts to reduce gang violence.


Youth Outreach Worker Stan ThomasYouth Outreach Worker

Stanley "Stan" Thomas

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Stanley Thomas was born in Las Vegas, NV.  He moved to Los Angeles in 1977 and became involved with gangs at an early age. He left the gangs at 19 to pursue a better life for himself.  Stan later attended San Bernardino Valley College and Cal State University of Hayward where he pursued a degree in Recreation and played college football.

From 1997-1999 he led the Inner City ministry in Oakland, where he counseled at-risk youth.  He served as the Vice-President for the Palm Villas Home Owners Association representing community issues and concerns.

He has been a resident of Stockton for over three years, along with his wife and two kids.  He and his family attend the Bay Area Christian Church for the past eight years where he is an active choir member and a coach/player for the ministries annual basketball league.  Stan is currently employed by City of Stockton Operation Peacekeepers in charge of African-American gangs.


Youth Outreach Worker Jaime ConstantinoYouth Outreach Worker

Jaime Constantino

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Jaime moved to Stockton from Texas in 1963 and ran the streets with a local street gang during his teenage years.  After dropping out of school in 1979, he attended a program at the University of the Pacific to get his GED.

From 1980 to 1995, Jaime held various supervisory warehouse positions.  In 1995, he opened his own auto accessories business. Then In 1999, Jaime attended a Peacekeeper's gang awareness presentation at Franklin High School where he was inspired to make a difference with our gang youth.  Since 2001 Jaime has volunteered with the Stockton Police Youth Activities as a program coordinator.

Jaime participated in the 2003 Mayor Podesto's Racial Harmony and Fairness Task Force where he spearheaded customizing a police car into a low-rider, as a tool to reach high-risk youth and help relations between police and our community.

Jaime is currently attending Delta College and is employed by City of Stockton Operation Peacekeepers as the Youth Outreach Worker in charge of the Latino gangs.


Pheakdey Youn 

Youth Outreach Worker

Pheakday Youn

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Pheakdey Youn was born in Thailand in 1979, where his parents fled from the Khamer Rouge during the Civil War in Cambodia.  In 1980 his family migrated to the United States and temporarily settled in Salt Lake City.  

In 1983 his family came to Stockton and Pheakdey immediately experienced school bulling and the peer pressure of gangs.  However, after witnessing the senseless violence between rival gangs, he realized life was too valuable and decided to make his parents proud by graduating from High School.  He then enrolled in the Stockton Police Department Senior Cadet Program.

Pheakdey's passion is to make a positive impact in the lives of at-risk youths in his community.  He has volunteered for the Juvenile Probation Youth Accountability Board and also worked as a campus security monitor at two local school districts.


Manuel Casillas

Youth Outreach Worker

Manuel Casillas

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With a strict mother and an interest in sports, Manuel Casillas stayed motivated to break away from a generational gang life style.

Manuel has been a positive mentor for at-risk youths since 1995, when he was hired as a Probation Aide at San Joaquin County Juvenile Probation.  

He currently has a Bachelor of Science degree in Criminal Justice and pursuing a Masters in Public Administration.

Manuel maintains a positive attitude when dealing with youth and builds a trusting relationship to guide them towards positive choices.   


PeaceKeeper Ernie BassYouth Outreach Worker 

Ernest Bass

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Ernest Bass moved to Stockton at a young age and graduated from Edison High School.  As a young man, he made some bad choices that landed him in prison.  Upon his release in 1989, Ernest committed to turning his life around, discovering a passion for helping at-risk youth in the community.  In 2001, Ernest received his A.A. Degree in Biblical Studies, and in 2005, received his Master Degree in Christ Counseling.

Prior to accepting the position of Youth Outreach Worker, Ernest worked part-time as a mentor at Youth for Christ/Point Break Adolescent Resource Center, where he worked with youth in juvenile hall and local schools to teach gang prevention and anger management.  He also worked for the City of Lodi G.R.I.P. (Gang, Recognition, Intervention, Prevention).  Ernest is an assistant pastor for a local church, a youth football coach, and the current president of the South Stockton Vikings.

Ernest is committed to making a positive impact in the lives of at-risk youth in our community.


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