Operation Peacekeeper

Outreach Workers (Peacekeepers) are street-wise men and women trained in:

  • conflict resolution
  • mediation 
  • mentoring
  • case management

They work with those at the highest risk for being perpetrators and/or victims of gun violence. Outreach Workers also respond to areas where violent crimes have occurred to talk with the friends and families of victims to prevent retaliation.



To help support programs for at-risk, gang-oriented youth, please mail donations to:

City of Stockton

  • Attn: Office of Violence Prevention

425 N. El Dorado Street

Stockton, CA  95202


Tax I.D. for Donations 

Our tax I.D. is 94 6000 436.



Our outreach workers collaborate with government, community-based, and faith-based organizations to:

  • Reduce group and gun violence in Stockton, reach out to high-risk individuals, and provide resources for them to avoid a gang/group lifestyle and become productive members of society.



Operation Peacekeeper mentors youth and young adults with the highest risk of gang involvement, particularly serious gun-related violence, and provide positive alternatives for a healthier, non-violent lifestyle.



Since 1998, Operation Peacekeeper has played a key role in local efforts to reduce gang/group homicides. The program has evolved into a comprehensive effort where clients are offered both a life coach and a variety of resources. Outreach Workers are available 24/7 for clients and their families.



In 2010 Operation Peacekeeper received two prestigious awards:

  • League of California Cities Helen Putnam Award for Excellence
  • Cities Counties Schools Partnership Award



For more information, please contact Operation Peacekeeper



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