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Kurt O. Wilson

Kurt Wilson joined the City of Stockton as Deputy City Manager in 2012, less than 10 weeks after the City filed for Chapter 9 bankruptcy protection. On January 28, 2014, Wilson was appointed City Manager after serving just three months as Interim City Manager. Following a successful end to the City's bankruptcy, he looks forward to a renewed focus on capturing economic development opportunities, the institutionalization of public safety enhancement, and the implementation of permanent financial control measures to ensure that the City never returns to the dark days of the recent past.

In addition to a private sector and non-profit background, he brings more than two decades of public sector experience serving in both elected and senior staff capacities for four cities and two state agencies. He holds two masters degrees, one in business administration and the other in education administration, and he has completed a variety of post-graduate and professional certifications, including project management, labor relations, human resource management, real estate, leadership and licensing as an emergency medical technician.

On a personal note, Kurt is a cancer survivor. This life experience has instilled in him a clear set of priorities that allow him to perform his duties with a confident and calm demeanor. He credits his mother for setting an example and modeling a strong work ethic. Her efforts to gain citizenship after immigrating from Jamaica and her accomplishments in both academic and professional endeavors have provided him with the foundation and strength for his own life achievements.

He was a founding member of the U.S. Department of Homeland Security and continues to donate time to provide medical services on rare occasions. His wife Regina is a small business owner and executive director of California Black Media. They have three children: Kennedy, Reagan, and Carter.


Deputy City Managers

The City Manager is supported by two Deputy City Managers:

  • Laurie K. Montes
  • Scott Carney



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