Enterprise System Catalog

Approved by California Governor Jerry Brown on October 11, 2015, Senate Bill 272 adds a section to the California Public Records Act requiring state and most local government agencies to create a catalog of Enterprise Systems by July 1, 2016, with annual updates.


Enterprise System

An Enterprise System, as defined by Senate Bill 272, is a software application or computer system that collects, stores, exchanges and analyzes information an agency uses that is both:

  • A multi-departmental system or system that contains information collected about the public
  • A system that serves as a "system of record" or an original source of data within an agency

Enterprise System Catalog



  1. Create a catalog of enterprise systems containing:
    • Current system vendor and product
    • System’s purpose
    • Description of categories or types of data
    • Department that is prime custodian of the data
    • Frequency system data is collected and updated
  2. Make the catalog publicly available upon request
  3. Post the catalog in a prominent location on the agency’s website





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