Workers' Compensation Claims

The City of Stockton is self-insured for Workers' Compensation benefits. This means the City pays benefits directly to injured employees, rather than purchasing an insurance policy to pay these benefits.


All City employees are eligible for Workers' Compensation benefits if injured or made ill by their jobs. There is no qualification period for eligibility, such as working a minimum time period or a minimum number of hours per week. If an employee believes he or she was injured on the job, a claim for benefits can be filed with the employee's supervisor.


Effective December 15, 2012, the City of Stockton implemented a Medical Provider Network (MPN) Program in an effort to control the costs of Workers' Compensation claims. 


City employees not in sworn public safety positions will automatically be enrolled in an Integration Program for a Workers' Compensation Claim. This program ensures employee pay is made whole through accrued leave balances until these balances are exhausted. Employees who do not wish to participate may opt-out, but this decision is final; the employee will not be allowed to opt back in. 




Workers' Compensation Forms


Plan Administrator 

Athens is the local Third Party Administrator for the City's Workers' Compensation Claims. 


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