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MOUs and Agreements

The City of Stockton has approximately 1,300 full-time employees, most of whom are represented by the 10 bargaining unions.  The City Manager's Office or designee is responsible for negotiating on behalf of the City with representatives of those bargaining units regarding wages, hours, and other terms and conditions of employment.  The contract negotiation process begins prior to the end of each agreement.


Memoranda of Understanding (MOU) and Compensation Plans contain information about wages, hours, and fringe benefits, plus the terms and conditions of employment for classifications within a particular representation unit.  The following are listed by each Labor Unit.  Employee benefits stated herein are subject to change through the collective bargaining process and are not guaranteed.


Stockton City Employees' Association (SCEA)


Mid-Management / Supervisory Level (B&C)


Trades and Maintenance Unit


Operations and Maintenance


Water Supervisory Unit


Parking Attendant Services


Stockton Police Officers' Association  (SPOA)


Stockton Police Management Association (SPMA)


Stockton Firefighters Local 456 (Fire)


Stockton Fire Management Unit


Unrepresented Management/Confidential and Law Employees


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