Fire Sprinkler Systems

The Fire Prevention Division needs at least 3 sets of plans:

  • One set for our records
  • One job site copy
  • One copy for your records


Plan Check Turnaround Time

Plan check turnaround time is normally 3 weeks from the date plans and fees are submitted.  However, during busy periods, turn around time may be longer.  A precise plan check interval is not provided, and the Fire Prevention Division is not able to return calls strictly pertaining to the status of plans.


Plan Correction Policy

Plans not meeting NFPA standards, not legible, or lacking pertinent information, will be returned for correction. To expedite the process, minor corrections to the plans, when applicable, will be made by our staff in order to speed the process. Changes are normally made, with confirmation, by telephone.


Sprinkler System Field Inspection

Plan check and inspection fees include the cost of plan review and inspection time.  If our inspectors find systems not pressurized or fully completed (including bracing, insulation resting on the sprinkler heads, sprinklers blocked by ducts, or other deficiencies that cause a delay or require a return visit), the inspection may be canceled and billing for another inspection may occur.  Sometimes, a "partial" inspection is requested by the general contractor; additional inspection fees may be charged for partial inspections.  

All sprinkler inspections must be scheduled by a State-licensed C-16 sprinkler contractor.  We do not accept appointments from the general contractor. Please have the following ready for inspection day:

  • Approved job site sprinkler plan
  • Hydraulic tag on the riser for calculated systems
  • Relief valves available for girded systems
  • Spare sprinklers heads, box, and wrench installed
  • Contractor's Material and Test Certificate for above ground piping form filled out
  • Combination Wrench for Central Sprinkler Company sprinkler heads requiring a Universal Wrench (Part #1122)

If you have questions regarding any of these requirements or if you are ready for an inspection, please contact the Fire Prevention Division.


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