Residential Treatment Facilities

Under Proposition 36, Californians chose to provide drug and alcohol abuse recovery and treatment rather than incarcerate persons in need of assistance.  Typically, we find existing, non-conforming Group R Division 1 occupancies being modernized as treatment centers that also provide accommodations.  Regulations for Group R occupancies are found in the California Building Code.

The Stockton area has one-story and two-story existing, non-conforming motels.  These buildings do not meet newer building codes for fire-resistant construction and requirements for automatic sprinkler protection. They often also lack property line protection from adjacent buildings.

We have found that licensing descriptions may include statements such as: "For 22 Adults and 48 Children." Due to construction features and considering children may include infants or non-ambulatory children, the Stockton Fire Department will require an automatic fire-alarm system for these facilities.  A manual fire-alarm system is not acceptable.

Smoke detection must be provided in all rooms with the possible exception of bathrooms.  An operating detector must cause a general alarm for the building and send a signal to a listed central station to notify the fire department.  A UL Certificate must be issued for the system indicating a contract is in place for scheduled testing and maintenance of the fire alarm system.

If you have questions regarding any of these requirements or if you are ready for an inspection, please contact the Fire Prevention Division.


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