Safe Surrender

Newborns can be Safely Surrendered to any Firehouse or Hospital Emergency Room within the City of Stockton.  A public services announcement video link is available below under External Links. The video describes the Safe Surrender


Safe Surrender Baby Law

A parent may surrender a newborn to any on-duty Firefighter or Hospital Emergency Room Employee within the City of Stockton. A parent who is unable or unwilling to care for a newborn can surrender the infant within 72 hours of birth without fear of being prosecuted, as long as the baby shows no signs of abuse or neglect. The purpose of the law is to provide a safe place for the newborn when a parent feels he or she cannot handle the responsibility.


Surrendering a Baby to a Firefighter

A parent who is unable or unwilling to care for an infant can surrender it to a Firefighter within 72 hours of birth. There are two ways this can occur: either the baby can be handed over to an on-duty Firefighter at the Fire Station, or the parent can call 911, and a Fire Engine will be dispatched to their location.

Parents who change their minds can begin the process of reclaiming their infant within 14 days. This law protects the parent(s) from arrest or prosecution as long as the baby has not been abused or neglected. Persons who abandon an infant in any other way, other than what is described above, are not covered by this law.


Safe Surrender Fire Station Locations

Every baby deserves a chance for a healthy life.  If someone you know is considering abandoning a newborn, let them know there are options.  Have them safely surrender the baby at one of these locations:

  • Station 2 - 110 West Sonora Street  Stockton, CA  95203  Map
  • Station 3 - 1116 East First Street  Stockton, CA  95206  Map
  • Station 4 - 5525 Pacific Avenue  Stockton, CA  95207  Map
  • Station 5 - 3499 Manthey Road  Stockton, CA  95206  Map
  • Station 6 - 1501 Picardy Drive  Stockton, CA  95203  Map
  • Station 7 - 1767 West Hammer Lane  Stockton, CA  95209  Map
  • Station 9 -  550 East Harding Way  Stockton, CA  95204  Map
  • Station 10 - 2903 West March Lane  Stockton, CA  95219  Map
  • Station 11 - 1211 East Swain Road  Stockton, CA  95210  Map
  • Station 12 - 4010 East Main Street  Stockton, CA  95215  Map
  • Station 13 -  3606 Hendrix Drive  Stockton, CA  95212  Map
  • Station 14 - 3019 McNabb Street  Stockton, CA  95209  Map


For more information, please contact Fire Administration during normal business hours. 


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