Safe Station

In Stockton, every fire station is a Safe Station.       Safe Station Sign located on Fire Stations

All Stockton firehouses are considered to be a safe place where anyone can go to escape a threatening environment. Children have always considered firefighters their friends, and the program capitalizes on that tradition. The program includes a safe haven for anyone who is in need of help.

Each fire station is a place where a person can find a temporary safe environment. No one will be turned away from any fire station when he or she is in crisis.

Bright yellow signs designating a "Safe Station" are posted at each fire station to remind us that a fire station is a haven of safety.

Working with several existing public agencies, the Stockton Fire Department offers a new beginning by providing a safe place to be at and safe people to be around.

Although firefighters have daily inspection and emergency duties that require them to be absent from the fire station for limited periods, they will always return. This is where you can find the nearest fire station:


  • Station 2 - 110 West Sonora Street  Stockton, CA  95203  Map
  • Station 3 - 1116 East First Street  Stockton, CA  95206  Map
  • Station 4 - 5525 Pacific Avenue  Stockton, CA  95207  Map
  • Station 5 - 3499 Manthey Road  Stockton, CA  95206  Map
  • Station 6 - 1501 Picardy Drive  Stockton, CA  95203  Map
  • Station 7 - 1767 West Hammer Lane  Stockton, CA  95209  Map
  • Station 9 -  550 East Harding Way  Stockton, CA  95204  Map
  • Station 10 - 2903 West March Lane  Stockton, CA  95219  Map
  • Station 11 - 1211 East Swain Road  Stockton, CA  95210  Map
  • Station 12 - 4010 East Main Street  Stockton, CA  95215  Map
  • Station 13 -  3606 Hendrix Drive  Stockton, CA  95212  Map
  • Station 14 - 3019 McNabb Street  Stockton, CA  95209  Map


In the event of an emergency, call 911. 


For additional information regarding the Safe Station program, please contact Fire Administration.


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