Storms - Updated December 13, 2021 - 4:45 p.m.

Rain and wind are in the forecast. Report flooding of local streets, intersections, underpasses, and storm damage in the public right-of-way by calling the City of Stockton Municipal Service Center at (209) 937-8341. 


Street Flooding
Storm Warning

Street flooding may occur during and immediately after a significant downpour.

  • Do not drive through flooded areas.
  • To report street flooding for streets located within the City of Stockton, please contact the City of Stockton Municipal Service Center.
  • To report street flooding for streets located in County pockets, please contact San Joaquin County Public Works (listed in External Links below.)

For more serious flooding, please visit the City of Stockton's Emergency Preparedness floods web page for safety tips.


Tree Hazards

The City of Stockton is responsible for trees hazards within the city right-of-way.  To report damaged or fallen trees/limbs, please contact the City of Stockton Public Works Department or contract the Municipal Service Center at (209) 937-8341.


Preparedness Tips

The City of Stockton encourages citizens to use this checklist to prepare you and your family for upcoming storms and other natural disasters:

  • Plan for your pets (carriers, food, litter.)

Emergency Preparedness Checklist

  • Collect important documents (i.e., insurance policies, vital records) to grab if you need to evacuate.
  • Create an easy-to-carry emergency supply kit.  Include basic food, water, medications, flashlight, battery-powered radio, rain gear, and first aid kit.  A sample Evacuation Kit is listed on the City Emergency Preparedness Personal Readiness page.
  • Keep your car fueled in case power is cut off to local gas stations.
  • Identify safe routes from your home or office to high ground.
  • Establish an out-of-state "family contact," so friends and relatives know who to call to find out where you are.
  • Keep sandbags, plywood, plastic sheeting, lumber, and other materials handy for waterproofing.
  • If ordered to evacuate, do so immediately.  If stranded, move to roof so rescuers can see you.
  • Avoid flooded roadways and waterways.  (Just six inches of water can sweep you away.)  If your car stalls in water, abandon it immediately and seek higher ground.


For the current status on weather and other local alerts

  • Visit the San Joaquin County Office of Emergency Services (OES) site
  • National Weather Service (listed in External Links below.) 

If you have an emergency, please call 9-1-1.



If an area is threatened, the City Office of Emergency Services would declare an evacuation. The City Police Department begins the evacuation process by deploying personnel to evacuate the declared area in a safe and orderly manner.

Pre-determined routes and methods have been developed for each area of the city.  Once an area has been evacuated, no one will be allowed back into the area until it has been declared safe by the appropriate agency.


Power Outages

Power outages may occur during stormy weather. Report power outages directly to PG&E. For additional info about outages, visit the Pacific Gas & Electric site (see External Links below.)


Public Safety 

A natural curiosity exists to view firsthand rising water conditions, but local public safety agencies advise the following:

  • Rising water is dangerous.  Stay away from the water and off the levees.
  • Pedestrians and vehicles on levees are prohibited.  They pose a danger to the public and hinder emergency response and monitoring agencies. 



Sandbags to protect personal property are available from local home improvement stores.




External Links 

American Red Cross

California Emergency Management Agency (CALEMA)


National Weather Service - Stockton/Sacramento Area

Pacific, Gas and Electric - Storms, Outages & Safety - or call 1-800-PGE-5000.

San Joaquin County Office of Emergency Services (SJ- OES) or call (209) 953-6200

San Joaquin County Public Works Department or call (209) 468-3074




This City of Stockton web page last reviewed on --- 12/13/2021