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Hot Weather

Extreme heat events are a common and recurring event. California's general climatic model ensures that conditions can be right during any given summer to create a period of prolonged and sustained extreme heat. Such conditions of extreme heat can pose significant health hazards to the general public in terms of deaths (mortality) and non-fatal, yet adverse, health conditions, such as heat stress (morbidity).  There are segments of the population that are more vulnerable to such conditions. These include: the elderly, very young, economically disadvantaged, and those with medical conditions such as heart and lung disease.


Due to upcoming higher temperatures a hot weather advisory is in place. Hot weather tips and information are available by visiting the San Joaquin County Public Health website located in External Links below. Printable posters may also be obtained by clicking on the following links:


Response to an Extreme Heat Emergency

Phase 1

The beginning of the summer season.

Phase 2

A National Weather Service (NWS) issuance of a Heat Outlook for the Delta Influenced Inland Valleys. The Heat Outlook is issued as part of a "Special Weather Statement" with the terminology Heat Outlook in the title. It will be issued 2-7 days prior to a heat warning. A heat outlook means that there are "solid indications that perilous heat conditions are possible." There is no guarantee the NWS would be able to issue a Heat Outlook prior to issuing a Heat Watch or Heat Warning.

Phase 3

A NWS issuance of a Heat Watch. The NWS Sacramento Bureau will issue a Heat Watch as part of the "Special Weather Statement." It will be issued 48 hours in advance of a Heat Warning. An additional trigger for Phase 3 activation is a "Special Weather Statement" forecasting two or more consecutive days where the heat index is expected to reach 110°F for two or more hours OR the nighttime minimum low heat index is 75°F or higher over at least 25% of the advised area.

Phase 4

A NWS issuance of a Heat Warning. The NWS Sacramento Bureau will issue a Heat Warning for the Delta Influenced Inland Valleys. A Heat Warning is issued when two consecutive days are expected with heat indices at or above 110°F during the day AND above 75°F at night over at least 25% of the warned area. (Source: San Joaquin Operational Area- Extreme Heat Plan)


To review the entire San Joaquin Operational Area- Extreme Heat Plan, please see the External Links below.


If you have questions about the City of Stockton Office of Emergency Services, contact Stockton Fire Department Administration or the Office of Emergency Services.


In case of emergency, dial 9-1-1.


External Links

San Joaquin County Public Health

San Joaquin Operational Area- Extreme Heat Plan

San Joaquin County Office of Emergency Services (SJ- OES)

American Red Cross

California Emergency Management Agency (CALEMA)



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