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Fire Operations is the largest division in the Stockton Fire Department and is managed by the Deputy Chief of Operations.  Two on-duty Battalion Chiefs manage three shifts of 182 sworn personnel assigned to 12 engine and 3 truck companies.  One Chief Operator is also on duty to assist the Battalion Chiefs with staffing levels and emergency scene accountability and safety.  The on-duty Battalion Chiefs coordinate daily staffing, logistics, training, and serve as the Incident Commander on large emergencies.




Sworn personnel respond from 12 neighborhood fire stations throughout the city.  They respond to fires, medical emergencies, vehicle accidents, hazardous materials, urban search and rescue, and water rescue incidents for 24 hours a day year-round.


Engine companies are staffed with a minimum of one company officer, one engineer, and one firefighter; at least two of the engine personnel are also paramedics, and the remaining personnel are EMT-1 certified.  Truck companies are staffed with a minimum of one company officer, one engineer, one tiller operator, and one firefighter.  All truck personnel are at least EMT-1 certified, with the exception of Truck 7, which is staffed with one paramedic.




Specialized units and teams such as the Hazardous Materials (Haz Mat) TeamSwift Water and Dive Rescue Team, and Urban Search and Rescue Team are staffed by Operations personnel and are on-duty 24 hours a day throughout the year.


Additional specialized apparatus are located throughout the fire department and are also available to assist with mitigating any incident the fire department responds to. 



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