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Neighborhood Plans

The outcome of the neighborhood outreach effort will be a Neighborhood Plan.  The plan will outline the neighborhood's:

  • vision and goals
  • existing conditions
  • demographics
  • challenges
  • assets
  • opportunities and
  • recommended improvements. 

Improvements may include:

  • land use
  • transportation and circulation
  • parks and open space
  • accessibility
  • community design and safety
  • environmental factors
  • infrastructure
  • economic development
  • new programs, and
  • development.

The main component of the plan is the list of improvement actions or the "how to" steps to achieve the goals.  This may include:

  • time frames
  • potential partners
  • responsible parties
  • potential and available funding sources, and
  • performance measures for evaluating progress. 

The goals and actions will be in priority order. 

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University Neighborhood Renaissance Committee

The City of Stockton's Neighborhood Renaissance Program (NRP) is alive in the University Neighborhood Renaissance Committee (UNRC). The UNRC is a citizen-lead committee that will continue to partner with the City for improved service delivery and implementation of the Plan. This Committee recently completed their Neighborhood Improvement Plan.  The plan is the culmination of months of hardwork and examination of the University Neighborhood.

Although there is no funding at this time to continue the Neighborhood Plan process in other Stockton Neighborhoods, City employees will stay involved in the University Neighborhood and are working on projects within the Airport and Kentfield areas.  Neighborhoods are encouraged to form Action Committees of their own and City departments will support such efforts.

The ultimate goal is to produce plans in each of the six service districts and not focus on just one area of Stockton.  The pace at which neighborhood work will progress is dependent on the resources that City Departments commit to the program.  Depending on available resources, neighborhood participation and funding, plan implementation will be ongoing.  A continuous cycle of plan development and implementation will take place as each neighborhood becomes engaged. 


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