Brownfields Program

Brownfields are abandoned or underutilized industrial and commercial properties available for re-use.  Expansion or redevelopment of such properties may be complicated by real or perceived environmental contamination.


Initial Brownfields Pilot Project (1996-2000)

In 1996, the Stockton Redevelopment Agency was awarded a $200,000 Brownfields Redevelopment Grant from the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA). The main goal of this grant was to focus on efforts to revitalize properties that the Agency currently owned or was planninBrownfields Aerial Photog on acquiring in the area of Stockton's downtown waterfront. 


This photo and the Brownfield Sites Map show the initial sixteen properties that were identified as being located on or near the shoreline of the Stockton Deep Water Channel.  The Environmental Master Plan (EMP) summarizes all of the documents produced during the project and attempts to present the results in a manner more easily understood by developers, lenders and the public at large.


The results of this Brownfields Program are twofold.  First, redevelopment efforts were accelerated, and second, the solid foundation of brownfields information will provide the building blocks to continue redevelopment of the Channel area.


Supplemental Brownfields Pilot Project (2001-2005)

A supplemental grant was issued to the Agency by the EPA in 2001.  The purpose of the supplemental grant was to continue the work that had begun in the Pilot Project.  The documents developed in the Supplemental Pilot Project, as described below, can be reviewed at the City of Stockton's Redevelopment Department.


Primary Accomplishments

  • A Phase I Environmental Site Assessment (ESA)
  • A Phase II Environmental Site Assessment was planned for three properties but could not be carried out due to lack of site access on the privately-owned properties.
  • A Risk Management Plan (RMP) to facilitate redevelopment of properties within the Waterfront area by providing information on the process involved in the development of contaminated properties to ensure compliance with the applicable requirements of the regularoty agencies that have authority over various environmental issues in Stockton.
  • A Background Groundwater Quality Study of groundwater monitoring wells on the North and South shores


Stockton's Brownfields

The Redevelopment Agency continues to support public outreach and participation in Brownfields redevelopment efforts.  Agency staff is active in making presentations at Brownfields conferences and participates in state-wide committees supporting the programmatic streamlining of Brownfields redevelopment projects.  Updates to this website are also provided in support of public outreach and participation in Brownfields redevelopment. 


Outside counsel continues to provide legal services, as needed, to the Agency to advance and facilitate Brownfields redevelopment within the pilot project area primarily through the application of California's Polanco Redevelopment Act.  The reader is encouraged to access the Brownfields link at the California Redevelopment Association's website for more information on the Polanco Act, and progress in redeveloping California's Brownfields.


Other detailed information can be found in the Report of Known Environmental Conditions, which was recently updated to include new information that was identified during the initial and supplemental pilot projects and other projects in the waterfront area (e.g., Stockton Events Center); this update was funded both with EPA grant and Agency funds.


Summary descriptions of information for individual parcels may be accessed by clicking on individual properties on the map.


For further information, please contact the Economic Development Division.


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